Overnight Vacations

While with us, dogs are not just boarding, they are on vacation!

At Murphy Creek Ranch, we care for your dog in a whole new way. First, our canine behavioral background has driven us to run our facility with one thing in mind, the total health of your pet!  This means that we are experts at caring not only for your pet’s physical health, but we are experts at caring for their emotional well being as well.

Resort Vacation (overnight boarding)

Dogs $35 per night

Multiple dogs discount

Long-Term Vacations

Pricing is discounted based on the length of stay, so please ask for a quote

Murphy Creek Ranch specializes in providing long-term care for your pet.

Whether you are moving to a new home, caring for a loved one or under renovations, there are times when you need long-term care for your pet. We classify long-term care as any vacation stay that extends beyond 14 days.